Picture of the (younger) artist: Jon Birdsong

Jon Birdsong's art career began in 1967. After graduating from West Texas State University, he accepted a teaching position in Hereford, Texas.

After a few years, he began showing his personal work in local art shows and Voilà! his professional career started. His medium was, and still is, watercolor, although sometimes he dabbles in acrylics. During his career as a professional educator, he completed 32 years of teaching art in public schools. Throughout that time, he and his students won numerous awards. During the 1970s, he received special recognition, when a Birdsong painting was accepted by President Gerald Ford to hang in the White House during his administration.

Birdsong considers his painting style to be "Loose Realism" with a smattering of impressionism. Most of his work centers around Texas and New Mexico landscapes, but a 10-year stint in Arkansas forced him to broaden his palette -- GREENER. He also found himself adding wildlife and big trees to his repertoire.