The COVID Collection
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After our seclusion began in 2020, I spent the first few months staying at home and working on the yard and planting a large vegetable garden. As an artist, it was not too long before I realized that I had not held a brush. Oh! What to do? All my workshops had been cancelled, art shows were non-existent, and I was idea-challenged.

Well, I have story to share: In my studio I found a box of stored frames. Many were small, regular-sized frames, and some were odd-sized, small photo frames. I showed them to my wife and she, in her sweet and caring way, stated simply:

"Jon, you need to paint, so here is my deal. You go to the studio each day, pick a frame, look at your stash of ideas and paint. Each day when you come home with a framed mini, you may eat dinner. If not, no food!"

Well, I normally do not paint mini-sized paintings, but I do like to eat. So, on day one, I floundered around, then I picked up a frame and I got the job done. I had my number one mini painting. After several successful days, I got into a rhythm and found myself having fun, and even excited to get to the studio each day to paint another mini.

At the time of this writing, I have put 48 completed works on the dining room table and have sixteen frames waiting for paintings. I have gained five pounds from forty-eight great dinners. Did I say my wife is a great cook?

This is what I really want you to know. There is a point or lesson that you can take away from my experience. We have all heard from many artists the importance of doing something with our art every day. I found by painting every day, even in a small way, I was inspired, I was motivated, and it gave me ideas for larger endeavors. My hope is for you to stay well, find time to do the things you love, and let's pray we don't have a second bout of Covid.

My best to you all,

Jon Birdsong
Portales, New Mexico